Bucharest: July 20th – Local Preschool & Clown 201 Class

by Webmaster 20. July 2015 21:43

Today started off visiting the local preschool. I clowned there last year so truly appreciated Abby “Fifi” joining me as a clown.




We were able to not only perform more magic tricks but a couple silly skits, including “Haircut Skit.” The clown event started a little rough as most of the class began to immediately cry when they saw the clowns walk in. Our originally planned program was immediately thrown out the door beginning with the end (stickers) and ending with the beginning (chicken dance). As the program moved on, they all became engaged and excited…so at the end they were all participating in the chicken dance. They were all giggles and grins, unless I tried to take a picture. Then it was immediately look away pouting like they were having the worst day of their life.


Majority of the magic tricks involved colors so we could get the colors wrong and the kids would “teach” us the correct color in English & Romanian. However, as with any show, there is a risk of things going wrong. I did manage to lose my nose within the first couple minutes of the show and had to spend the rest of the day “noseless.”

Abby’s favorite part were the skits “Haircut” and “Mindreader” because the kids seemed to enjoy both of them. My favorite part was a new rose we implemented. When I would attempt to sniff Abby’s rose, it would jump out of her hands and into my face. I would make all kinds of facial expressions and noises and the more times I was “injured,” the more the kids would roar with laughter. One of my favorite things to do as a clown is to see kids or people who are afraid and want nothing to do with me, decide that not only am I okay but truly humorous.



For the clown class, we weren’t sure if it would be level 101 or 201 class or how many clowns to expect. Simona has explained to me that 3 churches have been using their supplies and Maranata made an announcement as well. We had some new faces and everyone was from Maranata  but with at least 4 churches using the materials, it’s not going to waste. Because I wanted to honor the time of the older kids we started off with magic tricks, new skits, more complicated balloons, and ended with face painting the new clowns.


We had several successful tigers but little time to explain the butterfly so several of the butterflies were improvised (which still looked amazing). For the face painting, we were able to use all of the donated washable make-up.




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