Renato Vega

by Rebecca 5. January 2013 20:39

My understanding of Renato Vega is that it serves as a local classroom for kids. Our team cut hair, provided lunch, and offered free clinical services. As the team began to set up their individual stations inside the classroom area, the clowns approached Renato Vega. However, when we first walked through the gate, the kids began to riot. They were rushing up to the teachers and trying to push their way out to see the clowns. The head teacher had to ask the clowns to leave until class was over.

So, Paco went with one group and I went with another to canvass the area and ensure people were aware of the free clinical services available. I went with Tim Marsh, team leader, and another teammate. It was humorous to see numerous people be disinterested in two guys but became enthusiastic when the clown came into view. I handed out over 60 silly clown face stickers to people as we walked around. It was a lot of fun to make kids mothers passing by smile. Even women furiously sweeping front porches would grin from ear-to-ear when they would receive a sticker.

Once we returned to Renato Vega, I handed out the rest of the stickers and made a lot of balloons waiting for Uncle Andy. He was a huge help handing out candy to everyone. The staff at Renato Vega were so appreciative that they made us all sandwiches. As the medical team completed with the last couple families, I was able to sit with the kids and use my limited Spanish to make them laugh. One mom came up to get candy for her 3 small boys, just to say that this was the most open and happy one of her sons had been around a clown.

Aunt Sharon was great, not only at keeping people in line for balloons, but seeing little guys who were sad because they were pushed out of line. She would see them and ask me to make something so that she could give them to the small boy. It was great to not only have a shield or order but also a second set of eyes to make sure the kids did not feel too disheartened or sad by the madness.

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Why Clowns?

Whether it is in a hospital, memory care facility, at a charity event, or walking down the street, that moment when most individuals see a clown they smile, regardless of age or culture. Clowns almost universally help create smiles. There is something about the gift of a smile and laughter that helps improve our spirits, relieve tension, and can inspire us to hope.

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