Stone Island: January 21

by Rebecca 24. January 2016 20:09

Stone Island is the vina that the Virginia Beach has a special heart for. They have been working with Stone Island for years and been a big part of the continuing spiritual growth on that island – despite the spiritual darkness that they have been facing.

Initially, I was part of a different team but (again) I know this blog is for clown and clown related adventures. As the day progressed, I did move out to the children’s team to help with face painting as we waited for the food to be served. I helped with the food team for a couple minutes but the nurses took charge (which was great because I had the opportunity to serve with the food truck at the dump the day before).

The other thing that the team does annually is distribute the shoes to the kids. Prior to the distribution, we got all of the kids in the church to do a brief show. It was amusing how quickly I went into “clown mode” (my alternative to beast mode), even without the make-up. I was able to incorporate other members of the ministry team to help with the magic tricks and the skit. The “Your Special Gift” skit had been performed by clown team members and Krishna (my roommate). However, Krishna was able to minister to the women with a Bible Study and could not help me with the skit. It was great to utilize other team members and have their comfort levels pushed a bit as well. It was great to make the kids laugh and the new skit has been doing really well in Mexico.

Finally, we wrapped up the day by shoe distribution. My favorite moments were the little ones who held onto their shoes as though they were precious treasure. It’s always hard in ministry though when kids aren’t as grateful as we want them to be, aren’t as polite as we want them to be…or whatever. However, it’s always a joy to serve and necessary to hold onto that joy and those faces that are able to recognize Jesus’ love. Because at the end of the day, that’s what it’s all about. Not me, my talents, what I brought or did…but simply reflecting Jesus’ love. It might get recognized or it might get rejected – either way, it’s my job to love.


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Why Clowns?

Whether it is in a hospital, memory care facility, at a charity event, or walking down the street, that moment when most individuals see a clown they smile, regardless of age or culture. Clowns almost universally help create smiles. There is something about the gift of a smile and laughter that helps improve our spirits, relieve tension, and can inspire us to hope.

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